A team of dedicated trustees are responsible for Courtyard Arts Centre.  The trustees, who are all volunteers, meet on a monthly basis.  If you have a query you wish to submit to the trustees, please email here.  Our AGM is held in autumn each year, with all members welcome to attend.

Our Trustees:
Bryan Andrews
Jane Collier
Tony Freeland
Mike Howarth
Sara Miller
Jude O’Sullivan
Mike Robinson
Martin Smith
Mike Smith

Tony Freeland  Chair

TonyFreelandwebProfessional background/experience
Law; Industrial Relations; HR; Sales Management; 46 years in industry.

What is your role at Courtyard?
Maintenance and Property Management and Development.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
It’s a very friendly place to be; a dynamic atmosphere with great community spirit.

Bryan Andrews  Marketing


Professional background/experience
Advertising and Marketing.  A member of the Mad Men advertising generation. As a new product development specialist I ran brainstorming and foreign searches for top UK and US companies and have authored a book on Creative Product Development. I trained Managers from top brands in creative marketing skills and taught Marketing at Oaklands College, WGC. I have ‘sold’ many London companies on the benefits of volunteering their skills into the community to help charities. I now lead Creativity Workshops to help people express their creativity and lead a very popular painting holiday in France every year.

What do you do at the Centre/your specific responsibilities?
Leading the Marketing group; contributing to Policy and Development planning.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
I love everything about Courtyard Arts. It is a privilege to be a part of this dynamic place, always improving its offer to art, artists and the local community. I really enjoy the company of the many people attracted to Courtyard Arts: volunteers, artists and fellow trustees. It is simply a great place to be involved with and is, unquestionably, a superb model of a successful, happy art centre, serving professional artists, beginners and the wider Hertford community.

Mike Howarth  IT & Website


Professional background/experience
BBC Education producer, researcher and developer of teaching resources. Consultant for the staff training department (CALT) at University College, London: planning and filming video to promote the quality of teaching across the university. Tutor for trainee teachers Middlesex University. Various publications and lectures.

What is your role at Courtyard?
Organisational support for the growth of the centre and facilities; making films; website redesign.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
Good company. Knowledgeable professionals. Learning to draw. Personal development: visualisation skills learnt over the last two years have assisted my research in education. Links between Courtyard staff and University College have been forged. Hands-on learning is what I think Courtyard is about.

Sara Miller  Vice Chair


Professional background/experience
I’m a Marketing Manager, and also a Parish Councillor and a trustee of two other charities, one of which is possibly one of the smallest ever museums. I’m on a Fairtrade committee and helped to get my home village, Datchworth, Fairtrade status – the first village in Hertfordshire to do so.

What is your role at Courtyard?
I take a particular interest in our volunteers and the centre’s policies.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
Courtyard Arts is a fun, friendly and exciting place to be. The art on the gallery walls is always changing, and there’s always an interesting and varied programme of events and classes.

Jude O’Sullivan  Education

Jude O'SullivanProfessional background/experience
After completing a DipAD in Graphic Design at Wimbledon School of Art, I worked as a creative in the advertising industry, winning a D&AD award in 1980. When my children came along, I became a freelance Graphic Designer  and began teaching part time . I obtained my PCET and began a 30-year teaching career in Further Education at a local college. I taught Graphics and Printmaking as well as being a personal tutor and course coordinator across a broad range of qualifications.
I retired from full-time teaching in 2011 after 10 years in managerial positions at the college, including Head of Art. I have also owned a public house and been a partner in a car components company.

What is your role at Courtyard?
I joined Courtyard Arts when I moved to Hertford in 2012. I now teach two weekly Printmaking classes and occasional workshops at Courtyard. Recently I have been involved with developing and expanding the range of classes offered at Courtyard. As a trustee I am keen to keep developing the classes offered and assist the other trustees in working towards improving our facilities and the profile of Courtyard Arts.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
Courtyard Arts is full of talented, supportive, generous and interesting people who make it a vibrant centre for the Arts . Inclusive and caring I believe Courtyard is quite unique .

Mike Robinson  Treasurer & Company Secretary


Professional background/experience
Accountant with a number of local authorities over a 36 year period, focussing particularly on education and school finance and accounting, and the development of public and private sector trading organisations. Secondary School Governor (and Chair of Finance).

What is your role at Courtyard?
I am responsible for the Centre’s finances, including the preparation of accounts and returns. I also act as Company Secretary.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
I enjoy working with so many talented people who contribute so much to the community of Hertford.

Martin Smith  Business Development

Professional background/experience
I am a retired accountant who spent a long career in financial services. I ran many change management programmes in large and small organisations and have provided support and guidance to businesses. For the last decade, I have been supplying my photography to homes and offices around the world from my studio in Hertford. This has been great fun as it has allowed me to see much of the world from behind my lens.

What is your role at Courtyard?
I am overseeing the Courtyard Development programme which will prepare Courtyard for the 2020s.

What do you like about working at Courtyard?
Courtyard is a friendly place with an important role in the local community. Not only do I enjoy offering my skills to Courtyard, but I like meeting with and working with fellow artists.