18th – 29th July 2017, Courtyard Arts Gallery

Dilek Ozgit is an artist living and working in Cambridge. She was born in Istanbul in 1988 and introduced to painting from a young age thanks to her father who is a painter and sculptor. In 2012, she moved in Cambridge to study for her Ph.D in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Being inspired by her scientific and engineering background, over the next couple of years she developed a very distinctive style and the skill of converting her experiences and emotions into well-defined geometric shapes, sharp lines combined with vibrant colours. Her work explores a range of mediums; primarily acrylics and watercolours. The way she describes her artwork is spontaneous and purely expression of the moment. Every other painting helps her to discover something new about herself.

She has recently been interviewed by Cambridge TV about her artwork and the prize she was awarded by Zeiss.  As a source of inspiration and a link between her art and science, she is still carrying a scientific advisory position at Zinergy UK.

Dilek Ozgit