• <a title="Galleries" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/galleries/"><span style="color: #ec008d;">Galleries </span></a> – showcasing contemporary art

    Galleries – showcasing contemporary art

  • <a title="Outreach Programme" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/community/outreach-programme/"><span style="color: #f04d3f;">Outreach </span></a>– we come to you, workshops to suit your needs

    Outreach – we come to you, workshops to suit your needs

  • <a title="Community" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/community/"><span style="color: #f04d3f;">Community</span></a> – putting the art into Hertford

    Community – putting the art into Hertford

  • <a title="Events" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/events/"><span style="color: #ec008d;">Events </span></a> – concerts, trips and more

    Events – concerts, trips and more

  • <a title="Classes" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/classes/"><span style="color: #00ab86;">Classes</span></a> – discover your artistic potential

    Classes – discover your artistic potential

  • <a title="Parties" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/community/parties/"><span style="color: #ec008d;">Parties</span></a> – creative celebrations, get messy!

    Parties – creative celebrations, get messy!

  • <a title="Membership" href="https://courtyardarts.org.uk/testwp/wordpress/membership/"><span style="color: #00ab86;">Membership</span></a> – meet new friends, get involved

    Membership – meet new friends, get involved

Courtyard Arts Gallery

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Find a class

find a class Summer programme *NEW*

More than 35 creative sessions to tempt all ages and abilities every week

Courtyard Arts at Hanbury Manor

hanbury manor New exhibition venture curated by Courtyard Arts more

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