All exhibitions, past, current and upcoming at our gallery and the spaces curated by Courtyard Arts

Courtyard Arts Members’ Show 2021

We are delighted to invite members of Courtyard Arts to prepare their work ready for our annual Members’ Show.

Our Landscape – My Vision 2nd – 27th November 2021

A collection of photos by Steve Baldwin exhibited together to convey the beauty of our local environment and to celebrate the diverse range of landscapes that we have in the UK.

Canvas 25 Exhibition 7th Sept – 2nd October 2021

A joyous exhibition celebrating 25 years of Courtyard Arts.

Knot Together

Knot Together 5th – 30th October 2021

An exhibition that brings together two sets of friends whose work explores themes which interlink and overlap with each other.

Call for entries Canvas 25

Canvas 25 Art Event

CREATE – EXHIBIT – FUNDRAISE We’re excited to launch our latest art event to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of our artistic community.

Walk With Me by Paula Cherry

We’re excited to welcome Paula Cherry to our gallery space until July the 3rd. Paula has her studio here at Courtyard, where she creates expressive colourful abstract paintings in a spontaneous and emotional response to the landscape.

Art Trail at Courtyard

Hertford Arts Trail at Courtyard

We’re excited to welcome four very talented artists to Courtyard Arts; Laura Burns, Betty Grove, Amanda Towers, and Jude O’Sullivan are displaying a number of pieces in our gallery space.