All exhibitions, past, current and upcoming at our gallery and the spaces curated by Courtyard Arts

Not Black and White
12th – 23rd Nov 2019

Inspired by travels and nature, vibrant paintings that explore a range of media – oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel – from two artists both passionate about colour.

Photography and Poetry Exhibition in Hertford

Photography and Poetry Exhibition
29th Oct – 23rd Nov 2019

We invite creative photographers and poets to submit work for an ambitious new showcase juxtaposing these two expressive art forms.

Home Grown Art

Home Grown
15th Oct – 9th Nov 2019

Installations that explore and celebrate parallels and associations with nurturing plant life – using plants not only as inspiration, but as a medium in their own right.

Street Photography by Mik Wilkojc

The Accidental Street Photographer
1st – 26th Oct 2019

A debut exhibition that distils three decades of capturing spontaneous, unstaged and otherwise unnoticed moments.

Rosie Wylie - Artist in Residence at Courtyard Arts Gallery Hertford

Artist in Residence
17th Sep – 12th Oct 2019

This year we are delighted to introduce Rosie Wyllie – a graduate in Drawing – as our 2019 Artist in Residence.

Deana Kim Page is the tutor with a thousand students

The Tutor with a Thousand Students

Deana (the tutor with a thousand students) celebrates the creativity of those she has tutored, including a number of her class members from Courtyard Arts.

Amy Wilson - fabric designer exhibiting at courtyard arts in hertford

Made of Memories

Amy Wilson runs a bespoke sample service and design consultancy working under the ‘Liliane’ label and creates seasonal collections of artisan cloth and accessories.

Gareth Morgan Artist

27th Aug – 28th Sep

Gareth Morgan is a figurative painter, inspired by classical art and mythology. His work is concerned with narrative and mystery, geometry and simplicity, illusion and ambiguity.