A collection of all the films, both past and present from Courtyard Arts in Hertford.

Katherine Roberts – Artist in Residence

Katherine Roberts – Courtyard Arts’ Artist in Residence 2017 – exploring the relationship between touch, prayer and meditation through sculpture and performance.

The Courtyard Story

Karen Delahay (Founder of Courtyard Arts) tells the story of Courtyard’s inception and purpose from her current home in Dorset.

It’s all in the detail – Paul Hiles

Paul’s 2016 Hertford Theatre exhibition “It’s All in the Detail” showcases his immersion in 1950s/60s culture and style, and his love of London.

HRC Students – Dexterity

2016 exhibition showcasing Hertford Regional College degree students – Katherine Roberts, Susan Couzens, Robyn Bailey, Jasmine Fagg and Amelia Hone.

Kim Major-George – Spirit of the Earth

Printmaker Kim Major-George expands on her creative process as she prepares works for her exhibition Spirit of the Earth Plus at Hertford Theatre Gallery in 2015.

Sarah Anderson – Artist in Residence

Sound Artist Sarah Anderson, Courtyard Art’s Artist in Residence 2015.

Art & Science

Documenting a season of exhibitions and events at Courtyard Arts and Hertford Theatre galleries on the intersection of the art and science disciplines in 2014.

Courtyard Arts with the Arty Bus Project

Project commissioned by EHDC to explore the potential for group marketing the East Herts cultural offer. Inspirational Arts provided the project management for the event in 2012.

Kim Major-George & Steve Thorp

Printmaker Kim Major-George in conversation with Courtyard Gallery manager Julie Scarr. On the occasion of her collaborative exhibition with poet Steve Thorp at Hertford Theatre Gallery.

Les Darlings Artistes with Bryan Andrews

Courtyard trustee Bryan introduces the work produced during the 2013 installment of his annual Bonheur painting holiday in southern France.