Adult Classes Schedule

Summer 2018

10-week classes:
– Term starts – 14th April
– Half term break – 19th May – 2nd June
– Term finishes week ending – 7th July

12-week classes:
– Term starts – 14th April
– Half term break – 26th May – 2nd June
– Term finishes week ending – 14th July

* Classes on alternate weeks

MondayStained Glass10.00am-12.00pmAmanda German£13812
Ceramics10.00am-12.30pmTeresa Morton£14512
Oil Painting3.30pm-5.30pmPaul Fennell£11312
Oil Painting7.30pm-9.30pmPaul Fennell£11312
Ceramics7.30pm-9.30pmPat Joyce£12412
TuesdayAcrylic Painting
9.00am-11.00amDeana Kim Page£11312
Acrylic Painting
11.30am-1.30pmDeana Kim Page£11312
Mixed Media1.00pm-3.00pm Glynnis Bainbridge£9510
Ceramics7.30pm-9.30pmDebbie Bent£12412
WednesdayCeramics10.00am-12.30pmTeresa Morton£14512
Watercolour Painting
10.00am-12.00pmPaul Fennell£11312
Watercolour Painting
1.30pm-3.30pmPaul Fennell£11312
Ceramics1.30pm-3.30pmSue Wagstaff£10410
Life Drawing4.30pm-6.30pmJane Davalle & Glynnis Bainbridge£18512
Life Drawing & Painting
7.30pm-9.30pmPeer Towers£18512
Ceramics7.30pm-9.30pmTeresa Morton£12412
ThursdayCeramics10.00am-12.30pmTeresa Morton£14512
Drawing Media10.00am-12.00pmPaul Fennell£11312
Mixed Media
1.00pm-3.00pmPaul Fennell£11312
Kiln Fired Glass1.30pm-3.30pmGloria MacArthur£13510
FridayPrintmaking9.30am-11.30amJude O’Sullivantbc9
Printmaking11.45am-1.45pmJude O’Sullivantbc9
Mindfulness of Drawing2.00pm-4.00pmIvan Daggett£9510
SaturdayPottery Workshop
(Adults & Young People)
3.00pm-5.30pmPat Joyce£856*

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How to book

Please contact us for availability – email or call 01992 509596.

Our classes are extremely popular and usually have waiting lists, so we recommend booking early!

Once you have been allocated a place, we ask that you complete a Booking Form – download a copy to print.

Fees are payable in advance.