Classes for Children & Young People

Parties at Courtyard Arts


age 12+
Sat 2.30-4.30pm
with Alicia Perry 

An introduction to stop motion animation and filmmaking, for young people looking to study animation or just wanting to give it a try.

Learn the basic skills needed to create your own animated films – including character design, green screening, camera angles and storyboarding – working with a range of materials and inanimate objects.

Art and Clay for Home Schooled Children

age 12+    Fri 10.30am-12.30pm
age 7-12   Fri 1-3pm
with Sue Wagstaff

For home schooled children of all abilities (classes in age groups 7-12 and 12-16). Students are encouraged to work through their own ideas, whilst also developing their knowledge of artists and art styles.

Students will learn a variety of art techniques in 2D and 3D, working with media including painting, drawing, clay, sculpture and printing.


age 8+
Sat 10am-12pm (fortnightly)
with Teresa Morton

A very relaxed and friendly class for children of all skill levels. Children are encouraged to work independently following their inspiration and to find their own solutions with guidance and support.

Children develop responsibility for their tools and materials whilst learning the basic techniques of pinching, coiling and slabbing (using slips and glazes) to make both 2D and 3D work.

Dreamers and Doodlers

age 6-11
Thurs 4-5pm & 5.10-6.10pm
with Polly Kiernan

An exciting after-school art class focused on creative learning.

Stretching their imagination, children will be actively encouraged to explore a wide range of materials, ideas and techniques to expand and develop their visual thinking and artistic style.

Exploring Art

age 9+
Tues 5-6.30pm
with Claire Preston

Mixed media class for children of all abilities, with the opportunity to work with clay. Chosen artists and objects will serve as inspiration to develop individual’s ideas and to help discover new ways of creating.

Students will have the opportunity to explore art using a host of materials and approaches – from printmaking to observational drawing, painting to sculpture.

Fun Art

age 5-10
Sat 10-11.30am
with Claire Preston

The group have fun and build confidence by exploring their creativity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Each week a theme or object provides the inspiration for children to express their own ideas.

Children will try out a range of fun and messy techniques together, including paint, collage, model-making and clay.

Little Screen Film Club

age 8+
Sat 12.15-2.15pm
with Alicia Perry

The class integrates animation and film techniques into a range of exciting projects. Students will apply their imagination and individuality to create underwater adventures or float around in space!

Students will learn basic techniques in stop-frame animation and filmmaking, whilst developing skills including clay modelling, set design and paper craft. Technical proficiency is carefully nurtured to give children full control over their work and the ability to recreate similar techniques at home.

Pottery Workshop

for adults & young people age 10+
Sat 3-5.30pm (fortnightly)
with Pat Joyce

For young people (aged 10+) and adults of all abilities. Students are offered individual support and encouragement in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages interaction and the exchange of ideas.

Students will learn ceramics and glazing techniques with the opportunity to extend their range of skills and to explore new ideas.

A charge is made for clay used which covers the cost of glazes and firing.

Tiny Artists

age 1-5
Tues 9.30-10.30am & 10.40-11.40am
with Polly Kiernan

Small, inclusive classes for little ones (aged 15 months to 5 years old) and their grown-up companions. Providing a multi-sensory experience that helps to build creative, perceptual, cognitive, social and fine motor skills. Children with additional needs are welcomed.

Children will explore and experiment with a variety of non-toxic art materials and techniques, focusing on the joy of process and discovery. Grown-ups will learn to celebrate the value of art and creativity in their children’s development, too!

**see also our Classes for Adults**

Dates, Prices & Booking

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