CONNECTED – Stuart Preston and Claire Preston

Stables Gallery

Connected is a small joint family exhibition of our work. As first timers in exhibiting we hope you enjoy the varied styles and themes that inspire our artworks.

Stuart Preston –

My artwork is a blend of oil painting and spray paint on canvas or canvas board, merging traditional techniques with contemporary elements. Inspired by turn of the century themes from film and music, my pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia.

I’m fascinated by the contrast between past and present, as reflected in my exploration of how younger generations prefer alternative forms of communication, over traditional phone calls. One of my larger pieces emerged as an accidental experiment, but I find its aesthetic quite captivating.

After a hiatus from painting since the late 90’s, I rediscovered my passion for creating art in 2017 while watching, ‘Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year’. Since then, I’ve delved into oils and spray paint, pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression. For instance, my ‘Sunset Moths’ series represents a departure from my usual style, incorporating stencils and halftone lines to emulate the four-colour printing process.

Claire Preston –

After studying art at school and then Graphic Design at Ware college many moons ago, I realised my love for more illustrative and impressionistic art.  I am particularly inspired by nature and the world around us.  Some of my artworks are themed around my training treks for Alzheimer’s Society.  I took on two challenges, 26 mile hike over Dartmoor in 2021 and then a half marathon in London in 2022.

You will see forget-me-nots feature a lot in my work because of this.  Both treks were  taken in the memory of my dear nan who suffered with Alzheimer’s and dementia for many years. I wanted to do something to help make a difference for those with the condition and for their families.

Other artworks are inspired by my memories and connections to family holidays with our own children. My work is mainly watercolour and gouache but I do dabble with acrylics too. I like to give everything a go and believe in experimenting as it keeps the inspiration going.

A few years ago I took the plunge into acrylic pours to help scratch a creative itch and found the process very freeing.  I am now enjoying my ventures back into watercolour and gouache. I love to experiment with different surfaces, as in my use of wood, hand made papers etc. and even using a gel plate to add a bit of texture.

Some of my works will be labelled with a forget-me-not, this is to show that my profits, after exhibition deductions, from these artworks will go to Alzheimer’s Society as part of my continued support for this charity so close to my heart.

Our daughter Jessica is also joining us for this joint exhibition with a few pieces of her lino prints as she readies herself for Kingston University in September studying Illustration Animation BA.

Tuesday 21st May – Saturday 15th June, 2024