Courtyard Arts Gallery

6 – 31 August, 2024

We once again will be turning our gallery space into a temporary studio for an emerging artist. This year we welcome Jessica Hyde. Winner of this year’s Courtyard Open.

Jessica’s latest works have been an exploration of nostalgia and escapism and it’s relation to personal growth. She feels like her generation often use nostalgia as a way to soothe the inner child, or as a means to escape the now and revisit a simpler time. 

During her residency she will explore this subject with paintings, drawings and zines that she hopes many will find relatable or at the very least interesting. 

Jessica is a painter as well as an independent comic book writer and illustrator, so with this knowledge she hopes to create some unique results. 

Throughout her residency, Jessica will be hosting some zine and comic workshops where she will invite you to participate in this exploration and share a piece of nostalgia or some other response to her work.