Courtyard Arts Gallery

26th July – 20th August 2022

Courtyard Arts are delighted to welcome Anna Candlin as this year’s Artist in Residence. Anna will be taking over our gallery space and continuing to develop her artistic practice. You can visit the gallery and see first hand her progress and possibly be involved in her vision too.

Anna had a successful career as a classical violinist, having studied at the Royal College of Music, before changing direction. She undertook an art foundation course at Oaklands College in St Albans before pursuing a degree in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire, for which she received a First. She supports her artistic studies and art practice by teaching music, and examining for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

A multi-media artist with a focus on sculpture, she has participated in many group exhibitions, including Carbon Culture in the UH Gallery in 2020; Plastered and A Changed World at UofH in the same year; and Unpacked at Courtyard Arts, Hertford, in 2022. She was chosen to exhibit her work in the UH Gallery for the degree show in May/June 2022. Her sculpture Nexus was recently accepted into the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. She is part of a collective, Feral Edge, with student peers from her degree course.

Her dissertation dealt with posthumanism, the climate, and interconnectivity. This informs her work, which is concerned with networks and relationships in nature, drawing on the writing of philosophers such as Donna Haraway’s ‘otherness-in-relation’ and Stacy Alaimo’s ‘interconnected entanglements’. Living with other humans and non-human entities on a more equitable level, forging balanced and respectful relationships, may produce a more sustainable planet. Her work explores these ideas, dealing with dysbiosis as well as symbiosis to form strange interrelationships. Her principal material is recycled cardboard, out of which she creates organic, half-recognisable forms.

You can follow Anna’s journey throughout her residency on her blog: