Layers III – Ken Ager

Courtyard Gallery

Using the language and materials of textiles, my work extends beyond traditional two-dimensional pieces to create three-dimensional constructions.  Referencing specific colour sources, surfaces, textures and natural structures as starting points, it focuses on the physicality of materials and their transformation through various processes of manipulation and layering.

Drawings, rubbings, macro images and colour studies are used to explore sources and begin to determine the dynamics of what is seen – what it is that intrigues or attracts me.  In turn, these inform the selection of hand-dyed yarns, repurposed synthetic and natural fibres, manipulated found materials or metals, leading to further trials that determine the development of a piece through making.  The ways in which layers are built up and take shape are influenced by painterly processes, repetition and abstraction.  The treatments and processes used reflect my starting points as well as providing evidence or traces of a work’s development and construction.

New works arise from the evaluation of earlier outcomes – extracting and selecting areas of interest or techniques used, forgoing source forms, but retaining references to specific colours and textures to give the pieces integrity.

Although the final pieces reference particular objects and sometimes experiences of places and events, viewers – through the exploration of the colours, textures, processes and structures – may find a deeper visual meaning for themselves.

Tuesday 7th May – Saturday 1st June, 2024