My Heart Under My Feet – Paul Morris

Courtyard Gallery

Paul has been a practising fine artist for over thirty years with a long exhibiting history. In 2014 his first book –  A Toby in the Lane, A History of London’s East End Markets –  was published by the History press.

Although he continues to paint and write, in 2015 due to some health issues his main focus of artistic interest switched to a fervent love of street photography based mainly in London and coastal areas of England.

Paul moved to Hertford three years ago and with a growing  passion for the town and surrounding landscape, this now forms part of his photographic practice. This exhibition reflects and examines these subjects.


“The East End of London and Chinatown are places that have held host to my fascination for over thirty years. Areas of the East End tend to be Market areas such as Brick Lane, Whitechapel, Watney and Chrisp Street. These are places where I worked as a market officer.

I came to know the  residents, traders and rogues with some intimacy. The history of the Markets themselves held a fascination which led me to write a historical book on the subject and my experiences within them. My book A Toby in The Lane was published in 2014.

Chinatown is another favourite London landmark area where I regularly spend a day awaiting the ever-changing vivid drama that can unfold. The photographs of these areas I hope reflect some of the experiences I have encountered.”


“In recent years I have found great solace in coastal regions, in particular Margate which has hosted family holidays and weekend breaks.

Margate has been an inspiration to a number of artists and writers including Turner,  Tracey Emin and T.S Elliot. The tittle of my exhibition,  ‘’My Heart Under My Feet’’, is in fact taken from Elliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ which features Margate in the poem.

I find that the stunning big open skies and sublime coastline provide me with a calm, meditative inspiration and mindful healing.  I also find the urban area of the town equally engaging. Margate is perhaps my favourite place to take photographs.”


“Hertford has been our home for the last three years. My wife and I moved in during lockdown and so were yet to enjoy the many attractions of the town. 

We instead enjoyed many ‘Sunday afternoon’ drives in the surrounding countryside, Bramfield and nearby bluebell woods, Waterford and Hertford Heath. In fact during a walk in Hartham Common we have encountered some unexpected sights such as a Revivalist Baptism in the river Beane and a lady taking her parrot for a walk!

Becoming familiar with the land around us forged a greater understanding and joy of the area. As the town slowly opened up, we have immersed ourselves in our lives here, not least Courtyard Arts.”

Tuesday 5th – Saturday 30th March, 2024