Courtyard Arts Gallery

11th – 22nd January 2022

A selection of photography and fine art pieces from both the HND Photography and HND Art and Design students from Hertford Regional College.

Amy Pozzilli (HND Art & Design) 

I have used mixed media to create a sense of conflict on a long piece of silk, the influence behind this was my personal experience of infidelity and the social crisis of abuse that is so prevalent today. The photography I have created is aimed to show the vulnerability that I felt when I was cheated on. There is a real innocence to the images but also they show the ignorance that I had to what was going on, in contrast to the finished piece which is much more aggressive and destructive, like the ending of the relationship. Triangles are repeated throughout the work to represent the love triangle that I found myself in. 


Annabel Tankard (HND Art & Design)

Our brief of “breaking down walls” reminded me so much of the disconnection we all felt from each other during lockdown. 

I have created paintings that link to my concept of using religion and human touch to create unity. Touch is the simplest form of unity which is why I have linked this element into my paintings. I have made a series of works using human touch to connect artist, art work and audience through interaction. I created this piece using oil paint, acrylic and heavy structure gel. Gold has been a common theme in my artwork due to its religious links. Gold has become a universal language in religion due to its social and spiritual importance. 


Amy Thorne (HND Art & Design) 

My mum is my role model, my cheerleader, my support and, my shoulder to cry on. My piece reflects the bond between my mum and I, that I know she will always be there for me no matter what. The textile “wall” is full of my mum’s eye which has been screen-printed in pink and black and sewn together using threads of the same colour, to emit female power and strength. 


Abbie Newman (HND Art & Design) 

This series of sculptures represents the process of change and act of objects breaking down over time. My piece is focused on highlighting the impacts change has on objects, mainly using natural, sustainably sourced leaves. This gives the impression of how objects are broken down, as well as what is left behind once this process has taken place. I was drawn to looking more into the process instead of concentrating on the outcome, resulting in my exploration into this specific idea. I also found the concept of fragility fascinating when understanding how delicate something is able to become after this process of change has taken place. 

Tammy Cosgrove (HND Art & Design)

My piece is about climate change and the legacy that our generation is leaving behind for future generations. I have worked in mixed media including lots of symbolism in the piece, viewers can take their own interpretations of its meaning.