Canvas 25

Various artists of all ages and artistic experience

Courtyard Arts Gallery

7th September – 2nd October 2021

A joyous exhibition celebrating 25 years of Courtyard Arts. Local artists of all ages started with a blank 25cm x 25cm canvas and then got creative. With no set theme or technical requirements (other than it needed to be hung from our gallery walls), the exhibition is an example of just how creative our community is.

Work on display varies from traditional to technicolour, from ultra realism to surrealism, from the fun and frivolous to the sentimental. A riot of colour and at the same time a calm and relaxing space where you can enjoy all the work individually.

All canvasses are for sale for a flat price of £40. With over 140 on display, we’re sure there will be something which appeals to everyone. Proceeds raised will be shared between our fundraising at Courtyard Arts and Mind in Mid Herts. We’ve worked with Mind over a number of years, providing creative workshops for their service users.

Thank you to all contributing artists (listed below), without you we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this exciting and vibrant exhibition. The perfect way to celebrate Courtyards 25 year’s being a creative space for all.


  • Alex Devlin
    Alex Sampson
    Angela Roberts
    Angela Vargas
    Ann Adams
    Arthur Catchpole
    Audrey Elizabeth Pirt
    Barbara Goult
    Ben Wacher
    Brian Andrews
    Caire Preston
    Carol Lovell
    Caroline Suttie
    Carolyn Perry
    Cecil Elliston Ball
    Chloe Richards
    Christina Pattison
    Claire Sadgrove
    Deana Kim Page
    Dermott Kiernan
    Eleanor Jablonwska
    Emma Marsden
    Fiona Demetriou
    Frances Wilson
    Georgina Milliozzi
    Glynnis Bainbridge
    Hannah Lipsey
    Harry French
    Helen Williams
    Isla Newman
    Jack Andrews
    Jackie Mella
  • James Baker
    James Caton
    Jane Catchpole
    Jane Hillen
    Janet Gibbs
    Jennifer Bloomfield
    Jenny Stratfold
    Jill Crampton
    Jo Hills
    Jude O’Sullivan
    Karen Catchpole
    Karen Stickley
    Kate Davies
    Kathy McNamee
    Keith Duncan
    Keith Hicks
    Kevin Dinnin
    Kevin Gavaghan
    Laura Blight
    Laura Burns
    Linda Gifford
    Linda Keeley
    Liz Loxton
    Lorcan Lynch
    Lucy Littlestone
    Macy Leigh
    Madeline Carmichael
    Marian Bolitho
    Martha Garghan
    Martha Irving
    Melanie Ewer
    Melissa Hardy
    Melissa Littlestone
    Millie Hurst
  • Miya
    Natalie Allen
    Niamh Baker
    Paul Morris
    Paula Cherry
    Pauline Matthewman
    Penny Figgis
    Penny Todd
    Polly Kiernan
    Rachael Donovan
    Richard Davis
    Ridley Scott
    Rosie Freeland
    Roxanna Parker
    Ruth Ward
    Ruth Rankin
    Sam O’Brian
    Sandra Finlayson
    Sandra Yarker
    Sarah Burns
    Shelagh Jennings
    Steven Watson
    Stewart Hillen
    Stuart Preston
    Sue Morter
    Susan Brzeski
    Suse Nielebock
    Tony Catchpole
    Valerie Miller
    Wendy Perez
    Yvonne Robertson
    Zoe Watson
  • Hertfordshire CC
  • Five and Dime
  • Co-Op