Stables Gallery

An exhibition of reduction Lino prints inspired by landscapes real and imagined.

Jude is a practitioner and tutor working in the wonderful but often misunderstood discipline of printmaking . Although she enjoys other techniques such as mono printing, collagraph  and screen printing,  over the last two years the subject matter of landscapes has led her to concentrate on Lino .

Reduction Lino involves using one plate and cutting away more of the plate for each colour , until there is nothing left of the plate. Each print run is therefore limited .

Jude will be on hand to discuss this technique and other questions on two evenings:

27th April 4.00-7.00 and 17th May, 5.30-7.30 – Please do pop in for a glass of wine and a chat .

Tuesday 23rd April – Saturday 18th May, 2024