Stables Gallery

Ghislaine is a Textile Artist who trained at the Royal School of Needlework and lives in Hertford with her husband and 3 daughters.

Her great love is for the tiny, the complex and the delicate. She is, at heart, a miniaturist, and likes nothing more than spending hour upon hour perfecting the intricate details which bring life and narrative to her work.

As an antidote to the rapid pace of everyday life, Ghislaine takes pleasure in absorbing herself in the processes and technical challenges of bringing the ideas in her head into tangible being with her needle. She has a particular interest in exploring the history of ordinary lives through medium of stitch, and bringing contemporary resonance through her work to her her understanding of the historical context (or vice versa).

Ghislaine tries to use materials that are second-hand or vintage; or offcuts that would otherwise go to landfill. She is also taken to visible mending, both for environmental reasons and because she really hates shopping.

Ghislaine took up crochet as light relief from stitching, because she can do that in front of the TV!

Tuesday 19th March – Saturday 20th April, 2024