Photography and Poetry 2019

Featured Photographers

Steven Baldwin
I am a local landscape photographer who can often be found out and about around Hertford early in the morning trying to capture the light.  There is something special about being one of the first people to welcome in a new day particularly as the light is often better first thing than at any other time of day.

David Capstick
A taciturn Northerner who enjoys city breaks and wide open spaces. Colour and black and white are equally my mediums from the old tech films to the digital. Always on the lookout for the interesting shots in back streets and buildings of cities and towns, shots that others just walk on past.  Many of them such as the metro ventilation shaft in Naples or the Medusa head in a water cistern in Istanbul just had to be taken!

Tony Catchpole
My interest in photography started from reading ‘The Big Six’ as a child.  The process seemed magical and my enthusiasm was encouraged by my grandmother, whose husband had practiced the ‘dark arts’ of photography, and by my school.  I have remained faithful to the magic and expressiveness of film and paper.  I enjoy capturing patterns of light as shadows, texture and silhouettes.

Simon Doughty
Who in the world does not have a photograph that they treasure? I started out on my photographic journey now more than 50 years ago. Now it is hard to find a location where people are not taking pictures, entrusting their memories to their devices. My photographs speak of an incident or experience that I isolate and in a split second cross between the real and the imagined.

Michael Evans
Studied Sculpture and Painting at Slade School of Art. Printmaking with Edward Bawden. MA in Theory of Art (Essex). Exhibited in London and Hertfordshire, including Hertford Theatre and Courtyard Arts (2015). Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on four occasions. Enjoys making furniture, jewellery, photography, modelling, drawing and writing.

Spike Gerrell
Spike Gerrell is an illustrator who has recently taken to working in a wider range of disciplines. He has been making forays into sculpture, environmental 3D work and photography. He has returned to painting and has, this year, had a solo exhibiton of his intricate post-it notes project at the Hertford Theatre Gallery.

Barbara Goult
I am a landscape and still life photographer with an interest in the coast, environmental issues and the beauty in the environment we often miss. I currently work within the digital photographic field but I am working towards expanding the way I interpret images to include a range of formats. I would like to collaborate with other artists interested in producing work to express concern for our planet.

Heather Jukes
I have a passion for flowers and this extends to a troubled reimagining of them in various guises. In this way they can represent not only beauty but also loss, pain and suffering. My other two artworks are of insect chrysalises and reflect my interest in metamorphosis in its literal and metaphoric senses and, in terms of method, the appeal of traditional dark room photographic experimentation.

Bev Morris
Photographs are a shorthand in Bev’s creative work on nature and emotion. She is a walk-by photographer as all her shots are taken by chance and are then used to stimulate other work such as poetry and short stories. Contrasting colours are particularly important in the way she remembers the visual world.

Natalie Samuels
I am currently studying for a HND in Photography at Hertford Regional College. I also write poetry in my spare time. I have a passion for both images and words and enjoy using both mediums to explore and reconcile my thoughts associated with family and place. The photographs a
nd words for the ‘Papa’ project are based on my feelings associated with looking after my father who lives alone in Wales. Once a very active man, who has collected a wealth of experiences from his earlier life in Sierra Leone, to his life in Wales. He is sadly ageing and looking back rather than forward.

John Sandell
John Sandell is an amateur photographer, now working entirely with digital cameras and processing, but a member of Hertford and District Camera Club and of the Royal Photographic Society from the days of film and the darkroom. Favourite subjects include buildings and other structures photographed to emphasise shapes and patterns.

Ken Trevor
Ken is a graduate of the University of the Arts, London, where as a mature student he earned a Diploma in Photography with Distinction.  In his landscape photography, he captures wide open spaces, where the nuances of natural light and framing are key factors.  In 2019, his work won recognition at the IPA (International Photography Awards) and the American Art Awards.

Andy Walsh
Cantankerous old git now retired from the shackles of earning a living. Enjoyed photography all my life from box brownie through various stages of optical equipment and smelly sometimes toxic chemicals to the present day of megs, pixels and toner. My hope is that my images provoke some distinct response, my dread would be that they illicit a mild indifference.

Jen Wiggle
My images are influenced by my previous studies in theatre and photography. I am interested in the representation of everyday scenes through abstractions and shapes, storytelling through the frame of a lens.

Mik Wilkojc
Broxbourne-based photographer Mik Wilkojc’s photography has straddled both the analogue and digital domains. His recent debut exhibition The Accidental Street Photographer at Hertford Theatre distilled three decades of capturing spontaneous and otherwise unnoticed moments.  Like the five images featured in this exhibition, none of his work is staged or orchestrated.

Tim Wright
The interplay between landscape and light is the narrative that underpins many of my images. I tend to shoot untamed, wild landscapes and I’m particularly comfortable in the Cornish or Scottish countryside. I really enjoy the technical challenges of post-production while retaining the integrity of the original image. I have been a Hertford resident for the last 11 years where I live with my wife and two small children.