Photography and Poetry 2019

Featured Poets

Amaiti Bedford
I have read and written poetry for as long as I can remember.  I enjoy a wide range of poetry from the lyricism of Mary Oliver to the lyrics of Meatloaf.

Simon Cockle
Simon Cockle is a poet from Aston, Hertfordshire.  His first collection, River Lane (Arenig Press) was published in 2018. His poems have appeared in Envoi, iOTA, Dreamcatcher, The Lampeter Review and Prole Poetry. He has read at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2016. 2017 and 2019.

Julie Derozario
My name is Julie and I am a woman who just happens to write poetry living in Cheshunt! I have lived in and around the London area for 29 years. Originally born in North Wales and raised in the north west of England. I work full time for an arts university and write whenever I can. I have written since a young age. Writing has always been an outlet for opinions and emotions that brew up inside of me. I am a lover of nature, gothic mysteries and tales, reading, poetry, yoga, arts and crafts and spinning! All of these things go into the bowl of ingredients that make me! Inspirations include swimming outdoors, walking in nature, birds, trees, punk, goth, indie, new wave, ska, rock and classical music not necessarily in that order!

Penny Dopson
Penny Dopson lives in Hertford Heath. She is a published poet who reads regularly from the floor at Ware Poets and also attends regular writers’ workshops. She has a first collection published which reflects her wide variety of interests and where she hopes to catch something of the transience of life.

Michael Evans
Studied Sculpture and Painting at Slade School of Art. Printmaking with Edward Bawden. MA in Theory of Art (Essex). Exhibited in London and Hertfordshire, including Hertford Theatre and Courtyard Arts (2015). Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on four occasions. Enjoys making furniture, jewellery, photography, modelling, drawing and writing.

Andrew Geary
I am a chartered accountant by day, and a would-be poet by evening and weekend. I have had some success in poetry competitions and a number of my poems have appeared in literary magazines. My first collection, entitled A Shoal of Powan, was published by Rockingham Press in 2018.

Spike Gerrell
Spike Gerrell is an illustrator who has recently taken to working in a wider range of disciplines. He has been making forays into sculpture, environmental 3D work and photography. He has returned to painting and has, this year, had a solo exhibition of his intricate post-it notes project at Hertford Theatre Gallery.

Suzanne Godfrey
A retired ex-English teacher, I have belonged to Ware Poets from almost its first meeting.  I belong to one other poetry group and to a prose writing group. Knitting and cross-stitch are other hobbies.

Alan Gooding
I’m originally from St. Pancras, now living in Hertfordshire. My poem ‘Por Una Cabeza’ is about a romantic Argentinian tango of the same name by The Tango Project. I have also written two books, published on Amazon; ‘A Ribbon, A Rock and A Garrotte,’ books 1&2; book 3 is in preparation. The novels are war thrillers of London during the blitz.

Stuart Handysides
As a boy Stuart Handysides was obsessed with photography and its associated paraphernalia. Some of his poems consider this passion, which has struggled to survive as digital photography has usurped the alchemy of mechanical film cameras. These poems have appeared in Presence, Pennine Platform, and The North.

Sue Harvey
Inspired by travels and life events.

John Kay
Half of these poems were selected from notebooks I kept during my decade-long stay in South Korea. The rest of the poems were written during my commute back and forth to work. I write down what catches my eye and how I feel. Sometimes these are the same thing.

Susan Mackervoy
I have worked as a visual artist, making prints, paintings and artist’s books – and also as a poet and translator: the two strands have run along side by side over the years, converging occasionally in projects for exhibitions, collaborations and book fairs. My poems have been published in PN Review, The Rialto, Under the Radar and elsewhere.

Joely Marshall
My work is inspired by the parallels between nature and the human condition; what we can learn and observe of ourselves in the seasons, natural environment and other living creatures. Because of this many of my poems are often illustrated or accompany other pieces of work. The Elements poems are my most recent and that is why they were chosen for submission. I felt that they had something to communicate to every individual through the connection that each birth sign has with a particular element. Earth; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Water; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Fire; Airies, Leo, Sagitarius and of course Spirit which is part of all living beings.

Kate Miller
I’m fascinated by the natural world and how we interact it with it as human beings. The landscape and wildlife on our doorstep in East Herts are a particular inspiration for my poems. I’m also a playwright and novelist, interested in history, myth and what they say to us today.

Pat Miller
After 10 years as a publican, serving real ale and home-made food, I came to Hertford and started a family.  I then became a bookseller, a fabulous job full of words.  Poetry has been important to me since childhood, the magic of rhyme, rhythm, a moment captured.

Bev Morris
Photographs are a shorthand in Bev’s creative work on nature and emotion. She is a walk-by photographer as all her shots are taken by chance and are then used to stimulate other work such as poetry and short stories. Contrasting colours are particularly important in the way she remembers the visual world

Julie Mullen
Julie Mullen lives in Hertford, she is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) with the Open University. These poems are a selection from her final MA project which is based around the city of Liverpool… memories, history and landmarks. When not writing, Julie enjoys volunteering, singing and yoga. 

Daren Peary
Daren Peary is a poet and spoken word artist from Hertfordshire, and has written poetry for over twenty years. He has recently published a collection of poems called Lettermorphosis and has had his poems published in magazines such as Hertfordshire Life and EDP Norfolk. Daren works in education, and would love to emphasise the love he has for helping young people to engage with poetry in this collection, as well as showing his own personal love for poetry. His poetry is influenced by poets such as Spike Milligan, John Cooper Clarke, Mark Grist and Harry Baker, as well as by the worlds of visual art and music. Daren hosts a very exiting new Poetry and Spoken word event in Hertford called Tongue and Cheek. This consists of giving local Artists and Wordsmith’s a platform to perform new work at various venues and he says it has been received by local poets in a very positive way.  Daren also performs at local festivals such as Standon Calling and Hertford Music Festival and recently at the Hertford Literary Festival and Southern Maltings Ware.

Martyn Reid
Poet, song writer and performer in the guise of “The Pirtle Poet”. Poetry subjects include the Rural, Environmental, Political, Personal and Comic. Also some Guerilla poetry and street performance.

Rob Street
I am very concerned about the climate crisis and the damage being inflicted on our planet. However the emergence of the youth movement and the inspired example of Greta Thunberg gives me some hope for the future.

Sally Warrington

Frances Wilson
I paint and I write poems – the same activity, it seems to me – just different mediums.