My Favourite Thing

My Favourite Thing!

Spring 2020: through the eyes of young people

Whilst we are all staying close to home, our immediate surroundings and belongings take on an extra significance.

We are asking children and young people to help us compile an online gallery of photography that captures this moment.

YOUR CHALLENGE: take a photo that gives a unique or unusual viewpoint of your favourite thing in these unusual times.

Capture an image of whatever it is that makes you happy – it could be a game, a pet, a plant in bloom… or something more unusual that fires your imagination. Try experimenting with close-up views, unusual angles or filters if you like.

At the end of the Easter holidays we will compile these into an online gallery for our website.

Send us a photograph of your favourite thing
+ complete the sentence:
“At the moment my favourite thing is […] because […]”

We can’t wait to see and share your photos!

IMPORTANT: please read and agree to the conditions below before sending us an image.


*EXTENDED* deadline for entries – Weds 22nd April.

Entrants should be 16 years of age or under.

All entries must be submitted by the parent/guardian of the photographer.

The parent/guardian submitting an image must ensure that prior consent is granted by anyone represented within it.

To submit an image:

  • send an email with the subject line “My Favourite Thing Photography” and a jpeg image to
  • complete and include the sentence: “At the moment my favourite thing is […] because […]”
  • include the first name and age of the photographer (to be published online, unless otherwise requested)
  • include your full name as parent/guardian of the photographer

By submitting an image as above, you are agreeing for the image to be used in the context outlined, and that consent has been obtained from anyone represented within the image.

Courtyard Arts will only use your image and data for the purposes described here and to promote this activity. Images submitted will not be published by Courytard Arts in any other context.

We will endeavour to include all suitable images in an online gallery on our website We reserve the right to exclude images at our discretion.