Artist Bernadette Dunthorne

“I paint and draw figuratively – capturing moments in time.”

Bernadette Dunthorne is a figurative artist who studied for a degree in Fine Art at Middlesex University in the early nineties, she now lives in East Hertfordshire and has her studio there.

Her work includes drawings and paintings in a wide range of media. In addition to the commissioned portraits she undertakes, she has been involved over a number of years in campaigning to protect the local environment and her work often features the animals found there. These inhabitants are often used as vehicles to represent human emotions and qualities.

Whether representing the human figure or animal, her work is invariably emotionally charged and frequently concentrates on capturing moments in time – usually those of heightened emotion or introspection – she explores these moments through the use of colour, mark making and changing scales, often employing text or title to subvert or manipulate meaning.