“Water and the diffusion of light are recurrent themes in my prints and sources of endless inspiration.”

After studying Art at A-Level, Laurence enjoyed a career in the travel industry for a number of years before returning to practise art, following a “refresher” Art foundation course completed in 2015. The course introduced her to printmaking techniques, the unpredictability of the process and the beautiful textural images achieved instantly captivated her.

Her work is largely influenced by the geographical diversity she comes across in her travels, although in a time of pandemic and travel restrictions, intriguing and inspirational landscapes can also be found closer to home in the UK!

“I work mostly from my own photographs or drawings from observation, which capture the essence of what my eye is drawn to, be it geometry, colour, form, mood or time of day.”

Laurence produces small editions of hand-made prints using printmaking techniques kind to the environment, such as linocut, collagraph, monoprint or drypoint and which allow a good degree of experimentation within them. In fact, combining media provides the perfect exploration ground and often results in unexpected and exciting outcomes.