“Moments in time, captured forever. All of my pictures represent a precious memory and the joy of photography lies in being able to share these unique images with others.”

Martin is a Hertford based photographer. He has been producing beautiful prints from his photographs for nearly two decades. His work can be found in hundreds of homes and offices in the UK and internationally.

After jumping off the corporate ladder in 2005 Martin retrained, learning his craft from some of the great UK landscape photographers. He has built up a diverse body of work from extensive travels across five continents. But he is best known for his London work.

In 2018 Martin was awarded a Fellowship by the Master Photographer’s Association. He is one of 45 active fellows worldwide and the first to be recognised for a portfolio of London images. He is a  fine art printer certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild and a member of the Guild Society of Artists.

He has exhibited internationally and his work has received powerful reviews in the global press. Clients include the smallest businesses as well as large international organisations, owners of regular homes as well as fine residences, interior designers and gallery owners.

Today the reach of Martin’s portfolio is global and perhaps it is this, together with his passionate attention to detail and quality that make his work what it is.

As he says “Every second that passes is history. That moment will not return. Everything changes. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but nothing lasts forever. These are the factors that inspire me to create a particular image.”