Paul Hillary

I re-imagine coastlines, islands and landscapes I have visited and stayed, particularly the Isles around Scotland. I love expressing my vision through mixed media layers of texture, together with colour harmonies of graduated glazes. These are applied using many different methods (including dental scrapers!) to mainly large canvases.

Skip textures, lichens, seaweed, luscious layers of paint peeling off neglected exterior doors all provide inspiration for colour, shapes and texture and often result in setting myself loose on total abstracts. I have customers and collectors in the UK and USA.

Artist training

Paul started his arts career with a 1-year foundation course at Carlisle, followed by a 3-year Graphics and Illustration BA at Kingston Polytechnic.


Natural light atmospheres. Natural and man-made textures, particularly stressed and decayed. Ocean and coastlines of our UK Islands. Physical and visual texture on art creations

Current focus

Semi-abstract land- and ocean-scapes exploring colour and shape harmonies from the imagination. On heavy stretched acrylic paper

Awards and Prizes

Best Sponsors exhibition in show, Big Art Fair, Hitchin, 2019

Design Business Association (DBA) No 1 in UK for Literature Design

Recent and Upcoming Exhibitions

HVAF: Big Art Fair, Open Studios, 2021

Solo show at home studio in between April-June 2021