Paula Charry Artist

As an abstract artist, my paintings express a rawness of emotion. This is achieved by boldly applying strong colours onto large canvases, the bigger the canvas the happier I am!

I’m fascinated by exploring the harmony, balance and wider relationship between colour and shape to create distinctive compositions. Every piece is a process of discovery, using acrylics to build layers on the canvas, then scraping them back to add texture, build shapes and create glimpses of hidden colour.

I also love experimenting, adding texture and layers with other mediums. I might pour liquid glazes onto the canvas, or pick up a spray can. Whatever the medium, the initial application is quick and spontaneous, and the layers build from there.

I take inspiration from the environment around me, as well as the emotions within. I’m captivated by the way colour changes with the seasons, as well as with the light throughout the day. All this blends with the emotional landscapes of energy, happiness and life’s struggles into pieces which often move with the seasons, bringing the outside inside and seeking to evoke joy and happiness.

I live with my family in rural Hertfordshire, where I love finding inspiration on my daily walks in nature with my dogs.


  • 2005/6 – Digswell Arts Trust fellowship
  • 2005 – Battersea Art Fair, London
  • 2006 – Art Cell, Barcelona solo exhibition
  • 2007 –  Troubadour Gallery, London joint exhibition
  • 2007 –  40 paintings  commissioned for Watford FC’s  hospitality  suite
  • 2019 - Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch joint exhibition
  • 2019 - Brothership, Hertford  residency
  • 2020 - Nova Fine Art runner up, Artist of the Year
  • 2020 – Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 1st round