Sarah Core

Associate Artist




Studio visitors by appointment:

Enterprise Yard | 184-186 Oakleigh Road North | London N20 0UA 

“I work with the physical, mindful, repetitive process of making in clay, building expressions of internal narratives and responses to the lived experience.”

Sarah’s work is to a great extent about ‘being a woman’ and emerges as visceral, highly textured, and vibrantly decorated sculptures and tableware.  She began working in clay following a life-threatening accident and her recovery was both an internal and external one, integrating the two to reach wholeness.

After exploring different options, Sarah now works with two types of clay. This gives both flexibility and a range of expression that feels full of endless possibilities. The work is fired to bisque (at around 950°C) and remains unglazed in the studio for a period of time, until both the maker and the made are ready to come together to work with colour. When these elements combine, the work also receives a clear glaze on top of the colour layer.  A final firing to stoneware (1260°C) allows them to develop at the same rate.

Working both in gallery settings and in crossover spaces as an educator and speaker Sarah specializes in conceiving and producing clay workshops that invite participants to enjoy the power of their own creative endeavour. She delivers complex community projects not only with clay and ceramics but different materials that meet the requirements of context in which they are placed. These all focus on improvement and enhancement of the environment and the lives of local people.

Most recently she has completed projects with Groundwork East and Govia Thameslink Railway, all of which were received, developed and delivered through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.