“Whether at home or away, I am often out with my camera capturing images of the world around us. Landscapes – and especially seascapes and the night sky – are my particular interests.”

I have enjoyed photography since the mid-1970s and, as my wife will testify, I can be a bit obsessive in my endeavours to capture that perfect image! I am predominantly self-taught and have learned a lot through trial and error and from participation in camera club competitions.

I settled in Waterford 23 years ago when I became the joint owner of a firm of Hertford-based consulting engineers. I have recently retired from this role which has opened up many more opportunities to enjoy my photography. Whilst we are fortunate to have travelled abroad fairly widely, the acquisition of a caravan has enabled us to enjoy visiting parts of this country a little off the beaten track that had previously passed us by.

In my opinion photography is not so much about the camera but more about the eye and being in the right place at the right time. Although often at the hands of the weather, landscape photographers can often make their own luck through planning and persistence. This can sometimes require dedication, particularly as the best light is to be found around sunrise – a very early start in the summer. I try to capture images that communicate what I have seen but also the mood of the environment in which I am shooting.

After years of taking 35mm colour transparencies I have embraced digital photography and have been working with this format for the last fifteen years. I have used Canon cameras and a mixture of lenses in my work over the last twenty five years.

My work has appeared in several exhibitions locally and was recognised by the award of a Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society in 2018.