Our 2018 Artist in Residence has been Bryan Ridpath. We had the pleasure of hosting Bryan at the gallery 18th September – 13th October.

an update from Bryan:

“Over my time at Courtyard Arts I have been really enjoying working in the open environment of the gallery and have had many excellent and helpful conversations about the work I have been making. During the residency I have been exploring ideas based around archaeology and relics. I have specifically been asking myself questions such as: as a society, what are we responsible for leaving behind to future generations? What will happen to all the stuff we make? What will the stuff we leave behind say about our global society?

“I have been making my own ‘future relics’ to embody these thoughts and concerns, using clay, casting plaster, alginate, sheet aluminium, as well as exploring digital 3D models and environments; creating ‘virtual’ copies of my physical sculptures. Clay is of the earth – almost primal. Pottery and ceramics are found during archaeology digs and can be used to date sedimentary layers. The use of casting materials and the replication of forms through casting refers to ideas about the ‘trace’ and impression of something. The use of metal sheets refers more to ideas about ‘modern relics’ and the impact that modern products or architecture may leave. The use of materials like metals, plastics, 3D printing and 3D modelling is where I see these ideas progressing; as I start to think about ‘future relics’, I think less about historical relics and more about current product design and consumerism.

“As I come to the end of this residency I am leaving with more questions and ideas than when I started, which is a good position to be in.”

See Bryan’s website and Instagram

The residency provides an ideal space for visitors to engage with artists as they explore their ideas, and not just to simply appreciate their finished works.

Films on previous Artists in Residence can be found on our YouTube channel.