We are delighted to introduce Rosie Wyllie, our Artist in Residence for this year. Rosie will be based in the gallery until 12th October.

The residency provides an ideal space for visitors to engage with artists as they explore their ideas, and not just to simply appreciate their finished works.

Rosie Wyllie
Rosie getting set up on her first day at Courtyard

Rosie studied Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts, graduating with a BA in 2016. She has since undertaken residencies (at Dumfries House, Scotland, and St George’s School, Ascot) and her work has been exhibited in a number of contexts alongside other artists.

Rosie’s practice is rooted in drawing. She is currently exploring mark making and abstraction, working with inks, and intends to follow this line of exploration in her time at Courtyard.

Her practice aims for clarity and simplicity, laying bare the process behind the aesthetic result. She seeks to “establish a system of abstraction that balances spontaneity and measured decision making. Like the practice of calligraphy, I would like my drawings to be governed by their own rules, while remaining expressive.”

Rosie grew up locally and has recently completed an animated film illustrating the story of a Syrian refugee who has settled in Hertfordshire. She welcomes the opportunity the residency provides to explore, develop and share her work with the local community.

Films on previous Artists in Residence can be found on our YouTube channel.